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בשפה האנגלית Future projects (פרויקטים חדשים)

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בדף זה מוצג לפניכם פרוייקטים בשפה האנגלית עם מחיר הפרוייקט, אם ברצונכם לתרום עבור פרוייקט מסויים נא ללחוץ על הלחצן שסמוך  אליו, ניתן לתרום לעילוי נשמת, לזכות, ולהצלחה
Would you be interested in gaining the merit of this tremendously important mitzvah and to take it upon yourself to cover the printing of a volume of A book?  Of course, we would be pleased to put in a dedication for whoever you would like, whether as a memorial or an acknowledgement of someone dear to you.

LIKUTEY HALAKHOT- Reb Nuson's magnum opus
לחץ כאן לעריכת טקסט לחץ כאן לעריכת טקסט לחץ כאן לעריכת טקסט לחץ כאן לעריכת טקסט לחץ כאן לעריכת טקסט לחץ כאן לעריכת טקסט לחץ כאן לעריכת טקסט
Likutey Halakhot (“Collected Laws”) consists of Reb Noson’s collected Torah discourses, in which he used the Chassidic insights contained in Rebbe Nachman’s lessons, stories and other teachings to illumine the entire body of Jewish law applicable today, as codified in the Shulchan Arukh.
Cost of this project: 
50,000$ Each volume

Earning a Living, Earning a Life

A practical guide to earning a living. Adam ate from the Tree of Knowledge and was cursed with having to earn his livelihood. But for what purpose? Is there anyway to rectify that sin? Can we rise above the curse? Read Rebbe Nachman's views about work and find out how you, too, can work and build a Sanctuary, instead of facing the daily grind that we see as our livelihood. Publication, Early 2015.

Cost of this project: 

Tehillim (5 vol.)

Rebbe Nachman on Psalms The Book of Psalms with facing translation and insights from Rebbe Nachman and other Breslov commentators. To be written by Dovid Sears. May possibly be a large, beautiful coffee table book like the Breslov Pirkey Avot. Project to be completed by 2017.
(The first volume Chapter 1-41, was published in August 2013,   Buy Now>>)

Cost of this project: 
Each Vol 22.000$
(5 VOL)

The Breslov Siddur (3 vol.)

Vol. 1. The traditional weeklay siddur with translation and selected commentaries on the prayers.

Vol. 2. Shabbos Siddur

Vol. 3. A running commentary on the siddur.

It’s structure, the order of the prayers and its deeper meaning, according to the Sages, the Kabbalah and Rebbe Nachman’s teachings. It simply opens up ALL the avenues of what prayer is all about. To be written by Avraham Sutton. This project will take about 2 years to complete.
Cost of this project: 

Each Vol 31.000$
(3 VOL)




The Breslov Kabbalah Series  
(multi - volume)

The teachings of the Kabbalah as explained in the writings of Rebbe Nachman and Reb Noson. These volumes are meant to bring the study of Kabbalah “down to earth,” as they explain how these deep mysteries of Torah apply to each and every individual 24 hours a day seven days a week. To be written by Dovid Shapiro It will take about three years to complete this project. 

Cost of this project: 


Likutey Moharan Vol. 9-12
The ongoing project of the translation
and annotation of Rebbe Nachman’s
magnum opus.
18 months
for volume7. Work starting after Sukkot.
Cost of this project: 
Each Vol 23.000$
(4 VOL 


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