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שם המוצר/פריט:ESTHER
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מע"מ:לא כולל מע"מ
דמי משלוח:₪5.00
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זמן אספקה:14 ימי עסקים
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שם היצרן:חגים ומועדים/FESTIVALS

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מידע נוסף
This commentary on the Book of Esther “unmasks” the drama of Shushan that takes place within each of us at this very moment. How does Haman’s plot translate into modern terms? How does Esther (the radiant Jewish soul) rise to the challenge? And where do we find Mordekhai (true leadership) today? This work includes the full Hebrew text of the Megillah and insights into the meaning of Purim and its mitzvot – gifts to the poor, gifts to friends, the festive meal and joyous insobriety.  
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