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שם המוצר/פריט:CHANUKAH
המחיר שלנו:₪35.00
מע"מ:כולל מע"מ
דמי משלוח:₪5.00
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זמן אספקה:14 ימי עסקים
תקופת אחריות:0
שם היצרן:חגים ומועדים/FESTIVALS

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מידע נוסף
Chanukah brings a glow to every Jewish heart. Why? This illuminating work follows the holiday from its historical roots in ancient Israel to contemporary practice. Join the Hasmoneans in their revolt against Greek influence and discover many hidden allusions in the Chanukah story. Explore the reasons for holiday customs like lighting candles for eight days, eating dairy foods and playing dreidel. Prepare for a fascinating excursion from the past to the future, and into your mind and heart.
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