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בשפה האנגלית Book reprints (הדפסות חוזרות)

Book reprints (הדפסות חוזרות)
בדף זה מוצג לפניכם פרוייקטים בשפה האנגלית עם מחיר הפרוייקט, אם ברצונכם לתרום עבור פרוייקט מסויים נא ללחוץ על הלחצן שסמוך אליו, ניתן לתרום לעילוי נשמת, לזכות, להצלחה, 
Would you be interested in gaining the merit of this tremendously important mitzvah and to take it upon yourself to cover the printing of a volume of A book?  Of course, we would be pleased to put in a dedication for whoever you would like, whether as a memorial or an acknowledgement of someone dear to you.
Rebbe Nachman’s magnum opus, containing all his major lessons.

VOL ,5 

Amount of Copies:600 
Cost: 4,200$
An essential companion for the Shabbat table, this elegant, full-color volume contains the entire text of blessings and songs for before, during and after the three Shabbat meals, in Hebrew with facing English translation. Interspersed within the text of each meal are Breslov insights into Shabbat customs and rituals, and anecdotes from Rebbe Nachman’s own Shabbat table, giving the reader a richer and more satisfying “taste” of Shabbat.
Amount of Copies:900 
Cost: 3,800$
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